A modern musical act based on one of the most

flashy and high-stepping jazz genres.

The New Jump Blues

TheNewJumpBluesLogo-Framed“The New Jump Blues” draws on the traditions of the great jump blues artist of yesteryear, such as Tiny Bradshaw, Wynonie Harris, Louis Jordan, and Ella Mae Morse. Add frontman icon Antonio “Huggy Bear” Fargas, dynamic vocalist Danielle Withers, and the hottest musicians in town, “The New Jump Blues” creates a modern musical act based on one of the most flashy and high-stepping jazz genres.

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Antonio “Huggy Bear” Fargas


After starring in a string of blaxploitation movies in the early ’70s, such as his role as Link Brown in the movie Foxy Brown and Across 110th Street, Antonio Fargas gained recognition as streetwise informant “Huggy Bear” in the mid-’70s television series Starsky and Hutch. As a nod to his early roles, he had a part in the blaxploitation spoof, I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, as well as other Wayans brothers’ parody, Don’t Be a Menace. He also had a regular role as ‘Doc’ on the TV series Everybody Hate Chris. Antonio lends his talents as frontman/MC of  “The New Jump Blues.”


Adrian Battle


Adrian Battle is an unsigned artist from the Bay Area who is a singer, song writer, dancer and choreographer. He’s a seasoned Entertainer who has been a finalist on well known TV shows, sung back up for artists and choirs, performed the National Anthem for the NBA, WNBA, ABA and performed as a solo artist in The Bay Area and Los Angeles. Adrian made the move to Los Angeles, to further pursue his career in music, in 2010 and can be seen performing with Swing Band “The New Jump Blues”, Doo-Wop/Soul Group “The Saint Jukes Band”, KJLH Performance choir and was the recent winner of the Taste of Soul Star Quest singing competition in October of 2012.


Airreal Watkins



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